Is the Bimini Road in the Bahamas a Part of the Lost Atlantis?

What is the Bimini Road - How it was discovered - Why the Bimini Road is thought to be man-made - The Bahamas were dry land once - Atlantis theories - Could the Bahamas be a part of Atlantis - Giant Demigods in the world mythologies and holy books - Atlantis as a world-wide civilization... Continue Reading →

Palenque, Mexico: the Home of the Ancient Astronaut

How to get to Palenque, Mexico - Where to stay in Palenque - The history of the Palenque ruins - King Pakal - What is unusual about King Pakal - The controversial theories about the lid of King Pakal's sarcophagus - Was King Pakal an Ancient Astronaut? - Some more interesting facts about Palenque -... Continue Reading →

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