10 Fun Alien Things to Do In Roswell, NM

What is Roswell, New Mexico, famous for - The Roswell Incident - Was the Roswell Incident a crash an alien spaseship or was it a weather balloon - 10 alien places to visit in Roswell, including the International UFO museum, Roswell Crash Site, fun attractions and other curiosities - Non-alien places to visit in Roswell... Continue Reading →

Who Built Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge stones - Who built Stonehenge - Why did they built Stonehenge - Why traditional radiocarbon dating cannot really tell when Stonehenge was built - Stonehenge Cursus - Theories about Stonehenge - How to visit Stonehenge If you talk about the most famous megalithic sites of the world, it is impossible not to mention Stonehenge.... Continue Reading →

Flying Over the Nazca Lines

What are the Nazca Lines - How the Nazca Lines were discovered - Who created the Nazca Lines - Different theories about why the Nazca Lines were created - The Extraterrestrial Theory behind the Nazca Lines - The best ways to see the Nazca Lines - FLying over the Nazca Lines - Other mysterious geoglyphs... Continue Reading →

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