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About Me

If you find yourself on this page, you are probably fascinated by the Ancient Astronaut theory. Just like me, you have probably watched numerous TV shows and have read many books. Just like me, you entertain the possibility that our planet has been visited many years ago and possibly continues to be visited by extraterrestrial races. Or just like me, you believe that once upon a time there was an ancient civilization (or several!) that created some truly magnificent monuments all over the Earth. And just like me, you want to see them all!

Egyptian Pyramids, Mayan Temples, strange faces of Tiwanaku and a door into a different dimension at the foot of the Hayu Marca hills… Mysterious writings on the Phaistos Disk and the Fuente Magna half way across the world… The list goes on and on! Even the underwater world of the Bahamas shows evidence of the lost worlds…

Inca Roca

My name is Jenia. I am the creator and the top contributor of AliensAroundTheWorld. I love traveling and since I took interest in the Ancient Astronaut Theory, I make sure that my husband Michael and I include at least one “Ancient Aliens” destination in all my trips.

So, AliensAroundTheWorld is a website where I share my experience of these mysterious places, structures, artifacts and mind-blowing legends and theories that surround them. Here you can also learn how to visit these places and see them with your own eyes.

Additionally, I offer my own views on some of the myth and mystery topics that personally interest me, including the Bible, Anunnaki, alternative history and so on. Please note that I am not a historian or an archaeologist. My opinions are not in any way meant to offend any religious feelings or disprove any scientific and historic beliefs. They are strickly a product of my own curiosity, wonderment and inspiration. You may not agree with me or have your own opinion, and it’s ok! I always welcome an interesting discussion. However, please be respectful. This place is for people with an open mind and any insulting or rude comments will be deleted.

Welcome and happy exploring!


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